At Stretton Early Years and Kindergarten, we know that healthy bodies are just as important as healthy minds.

Well-nourished children are better able to concentrate, interact, play and generally feel their best, so we’re committed to providing healthy, nutritious meals for every child.

All our freshly cooked meals are prepared daily by our in-house cook and we cater for individual dietary, allergy and religious needs.

Miss Wendy (our in-house cook) has achieved 100% in our annual food safety audit! We have been accredited with our 5 star rating again 2020 from the Brisbane City Council.

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are all included, at no extra cost.

Take a look at our sample menu below to see for yourself the variety of healthy, delicious meals your child will enjoy every day at Stretton Early Years and Kindergarten.

Sample Menu

BreakfastCornflakes, Weetbix or Rice BubblesCornflakes, Weetbix or Rice BubblesCornflakes, Weetbix or Rice BubblesCornflakes, Weetbix or Rice BubblesCornflakes, Weetbix or Rice Bubbles
Morning TeaOrange, apple, watermelon, datesBanana, pear, apple, sultanasMandarin, banana, appleWatermelon, apple, bananaDates, oranges, pear, sultanas
LunchHoney mustard chicken with rice and vegetablesBacon carbonara with mushrooms herbs

*Vegetarian option with no bacon
Mixed Sandwiches, including ham, vegemite, cheese, baked beans, jam.Spaghetti bolognaise with vegetables

*Vegetarian option is with lentils/chickpeas
Chicken and vegetable hoisin noodles (honey garlic ginger)
 Afternoon TeaRice cakes topped with tomato, cucumber, vegemite, avocado, hummus, cream cheese or cottage cheese.Turkish Gozleme (Toasted flat bread with feta and spinach)Hummus with vegetable sticksDate slicePumpkin and ricotta scrolls and vegemite and cheese scrolls