Educational Program

Early Years Learning Framework

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
15months to 5 years

The Early Years Learning Framework assists Educators to develop a meaningful co- curriculum that involves interactive decision making by children, parents, families, educators and the broader community.

Our aim at Stretton Early Learning Centre is to implement many educational learning experiences that are suitable for each child, allowing them to learn and grow. Educators are aware that every child learns in different ways and they plan experiences accordingly. We base our educational program around children’s interests, strengths, abilities and choices for their success in reaching the best learning outcomes.

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Kindergarten Guidelines

3-5 years (Pre-Prep)

At Stretton Early Learning Centre we have an approved Early Childhood Teacher working alongside a supportive Diploma qualified Educator.

While we focus more on the play base learning from the Early Years Learning Framework, the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines aims to enrich and prepare children for the Preparatory year of their schooling. The Kindergarten Program empowers children to express ideas and make choices about their learning. Through a variety of engaging experiences, Kindergarten children build on many learning outcomes which reflect on much needed lifelong skills.